Sunday, January 2, 2011

Prepped some vegs for the freezer!

I was worried I may end up tossing these few veggies out. We were supposed to have the bok choy and green peppers in a stir-fry a couple nights ago. But someone ended up making a different stir-fry before I got to making mine... not mentioning names again, Dad. I did end up having to toss roughly half of the bok choy into the compost bucket as it had gotten real limp, leaves and stalks. I've never frozen bok choy, so not sure how it will do when I end up finally using it. But I figure in another stir-fry it'll work out just fine. Wasn't sure when I'd get around to the peppers either as we've got a couple nights' worth of leftovers to use up. Those always freeze and thaw just fine for cooking. Though I just learned on public radio this weekend that you can slice peppers, freeze, take out and toss right on to a salad and they are supposed to be as good as fresh!

The butternut that I cut and diced was our very last... finally. I think Dad must've grown and harvested at least 20 butternut squash last fall. I gave and gave and gave to unload us of a bunch as we're not that big on squash. I made a delicious recipe of Jamie Oliver's (which I'll later have to post!) several times, tried a soup, roasted the typical way, etc. Anyway. Those three quart bags were what I got from our last squash. And that was one of the small ones. Plus I have one more quart bag from back in the fall when I'd only made half of one for a meal. I've seen plenty of recipes that use pureed butternut in place of pumpkin for breads, pies, in mac 'n cheese, too. They will not go to waste.

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