Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coffee-Mate Flavor Friday Event Hostess!

Yay, what fun! (If only it'd worked out smoothly...)

Did anyone else get in on hostessing one of these parties? I received a fantastic party box, which consisted of a Cranium game, poker game, paper cups & napkins, and great coupons to hand out to guests, as well as two coupons for me to "buy" a couple of flavors to offer my guests! I've gone to the Coffee-Mate website and printed out a couple of drink recipes to make and share at our get-together. I intend to make Frullati (Fresh Fruit Whips) and Holiday Au Lait. (I'll get photos and recipes up after I've actually done so... in case I change my mind and choose something else, lol.)

While this is not a Tassimo party at all, I will have some t-discs out for anyone who'd like to try that coffee and machine, as well. Not sure what yummies to have, though I did try some delicious blueberry & cream cheese cookies and raspberry cream cookies from Target a few weeks ago. I just may try to get out and pick those up to offer with coffee.

The party is supposed to be held tomorrow, but with everyone's schedules it just isn't going to work out so smoothly. So I'm having to bust it up over the course of the weekend. Friday evening I will have this set up for anyone stopping by, then Saturday morning I have a couple others intending to stop by, and I will be bringing coupons to others who just won't make it at all this weekend. I will need to tote my camera everywhere, too, as we are supposed to submit at least 5 photos of our guests enjoying themselves. Phew, I'm pooped out already and the weekend hasn't even started yet.

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