Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 25 BFC

Breakfast> Egg McMuffin with sausage and cheese (s/c=3/2)
Lunch> grilled chicken, 1/4c mashed potatoes with gravy (s/c=0/1)
Snacks> SoBe Lifewater (s/c=0/1)
Supper> chicken stir-fry on 1/4c jasmine rice and 1/2c shredded cabbage (s/c=3/1)
Total s/c for today - 6/5

I felt on the verge of giving up last night and much of today.  My weight has not budged for a week now.  Of course, I also had two cheat days and I'm sure that hampered things.  Last night's cheat was shorter lived because I hadn't fully intended to indulge as much as I had.  I originally planned to only have one slice of pizza, which would have kept within the carb limits and just a little over the sugar limits.  But I guess one step out of line leads to more.  Darn.  Then I craved strawberries and fully intended to overindulge in those.  Until we got to the store and found they were either overripe and mushy or fuzzy white with mold.  Well, then only a strawberry milkshake could fix that apparently.  Doesn't help when I'm out and about with people who don't worry about what they are eating.  Grr.

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