Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 3 Belly-Fat Cure

I see a disaster waiting to happen on the horizon.  Friday is a co-worker's birthday.  Someone brings a cake and we all have a slice during lunch break.  Since they all know I am avoiding sugar I wouldn't think anyone would be offended when I pass on the cake.  It'll be interesting to see what one of the other ladies does as she's doing Weight Watchers.  She tells me she can have whatever she wants and as much as she wants... as long as she doesn't exceed her points for the day.  I tried to tell her that the way that I'm eating is pretty similar.  I guess you could say that about most diets.  They're all about moderation and respecting limits.

You know, the one "food" that I think about each morning is a cup of creamy, sugar-laden coffee.  I did try sweetening a cup with stevia.  But it had a bite that I just couldn't stomach, so I dumped it down the drain.  I'll keep working on it and post if I find a great way to have my coffee.

Breakfast> 1 slice Ezekial toast with 2Tbsp peanut butter, lemon tea (s/c=3/1)
Lunch>  2c lettuce salad w/ 2Tbsp diced egg / 2Tbsp shredded cheddar / 3Tbsp diced chicken patty, 1/4c cottage cheese, 3 dill pickle slices (s/c= 2/1)
Snacks> almonds, colby cheese slice (s/c=1/1) 
Supper> deli chicken breast and leg, 1/2c raspberries (s/c=4/3) 
Total s/c for today - 10/6

Supper was on the road tonight, grabbed at 8pm on our way back from an appointment.  Wasn't sure how to count the chicken as it was lightly breaded and seasoned, though I don't know what all was in that.  So I counted it as 1 sugar and 2 carb servings to be a little on the safe side.  I was starving and tired so I didn't use my best judgement.  The raspberries are a little higher on the sugar count than I'd like.  But my body was screaming, "I want some freakin' fruit!"  I had to appease my body.  It wasn't pretty.  Ask my husband.

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