Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 27 BFC and An Excellent Video

First, I want to post a link to a YouTube video that was posted on the Sugarproject's facebook wall.  This video showed clearly the correlation between our oversized bodies and sugar consumption.  Loved it!  It is a little long, but not dull at all.  Great presentation.
Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Breakfast> scrambled eggs w/cheese, Ezekial toast with butter & jam, mint mocha coffee (s/c=0/2)
Snacks> few almonds, few Pirates Booty white cheddar puffs, Cheez-Its (s/c=1/2)
Lunch> missed, had late breakfast
Supper> Chipotle Chicken Tacos (s/c=4/2)
Total s/c for today - 5/6

The Chipotle Chicken Tacos, featured on page189 in The Belly Fat Cure book, are awesome!  Jorge, if you ever happen by here, kudos, man!  They are fantastic!  Huge on flavor, too!  Gush, gush, gush!


Mint Mocha

1 mini sugar-free York peppermint pattie
1/8c whipping cream (or more, if desired)

Mix all until pattie melts.  You may want to add the coffee first in order to melt the pattie better.  I had a few bits that didn't dissolve because I hadn't thought to do that.

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