Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 35

Breakfast> scrambled eggs w/ham&salsa, 1/2c raspberries, coffee (s/c=3/1)
Lunch> 1 slice wheat bread, tuna salad, cheese slice, leaf of lettuce, pickles (s/c=3/1)
Snacks> good sized chunk of turkey
Supper> 1 slice Ezekial w/pb, glass of "milk" (s/c=6/2)
Total s/c for today - 12/4

I was craving milk something fierce.  So I put a couple of tablespoons of half&half in a glass, added ice and water to fill.  Tasted like water, but looked too weird to try to even pretend that.  So I sprinkled a tiny bit of xylitol in it.  Helped.  But still not a good milk substitute, though it may have been better with a titch more xylitol.  Supper didn't amount to much as I was running errands and everyone else had starchy this or starchy that...

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