Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 36 & 37 Belly Fat Cure

Wednesday, Oct.12
Breakfast> 1 slice Ezekial toasted w/peanut butter, coffee w/stevia (s/c=3/2)
Snacks> 2oz sea salted almonds (s/c=2/1) 
Lunch> chicken fillet, couple bites of salad, cottage cheese (s/c=1/1) 
Supper> 1/4c jasmine rice, 1/8c french cut green beans, 1/4c gravy, diced chicken, lemonade (s/c=1/2)
Total s/c for today - 7/6

I'm trying another brand of stevia sweetener.  I prefer xylitol so far, but its side effect (the urgent potty one) cannot be ignored.  So I had it in my coffee and, once again, found it to have a bitter taste.  I'll keep trying it and see if it's something I can get used to. 

This time when I made the lemonade I just poured water to about 3/4 full (12 oz glass), added 4T lemon juice, 2 packets stevia and 1tsp xylitol.  I added the xylitol after test-tasting with just stevia, noting the bitterness was too obvious, I tried balancing it out with a little xylitol.  That made a world of difference to me.

Off to do a Leslie Sansone walk, probably just two miles tonight.  I'm sore, tired... period finally showed up... 

Tuesday, Oct.11
Breakfast> 3 sausage links diced into 2 scrambled eggs, salsa, 1 slice Ezekial toasted w/butter (s/c=0/1)
Lunch> open faced tuna sandwich (as yesterday), cottage cheese, pickles (s/c=3/1)
Snacks> white cheddar Pirate's Booty, SoBe Lifewater, Atkins Advantage Bar (s/c=2/2)
Supper> 1 slice wheat bread, salisbury steak w/gravy, cottage cheese, 1 segment mandarin orange (s/c=5/2)
Total s/c for today - 10/6

While son was at judo class I went for a 45mn walk.  I would've liked to have had company... (yeah, you know who you are)... 

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