Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 42 & 43 BFC

Breakfast> fried eggs, ham slice, coffee (s/c=0/0) 
Lunch> 1/2c seasoned rice w/shredded cheese & small amount lettuce, cottage cheese (s/c=0/2)
Snacks>1/2c strawberries & cream cheese topping, coffee (s/c=4/1)
Supper> 2oz Dreamfields pasta, Bolognese Sauce (s/c=5/2)
Total s/c for today - 9/5
Put in a 2.5 mile walk tonight.
Monday, Oct. 17
Breakfast> scrambled eggs, sliced ham, tea (s/c=0/0)
Snacks> few peanuts and almonds, pumpkin bar w/topping, 1/2c raspberries w/topping (s/c=4/1)
Lunch> Atkins Advantage Bar (s/c=1/1) 
Supper> 2oz Dreamfields pasta, 1/3c corn, sausage w/mustard (s/c=4/2)
Total s/c for today - 9/4

Somewhere in blogland I read someone posting that they knew they were in ketosis because of their tin can breath, that they could taste it.  I've noticed that for the past couple of weeks I've practically been at a standstill and I haven't noticed that gnarly breath that I'd had earlier on, back when the first bit of weight came off faster.   I need to look back and see what's changed...  All I can see is the addition of low-carb pasta and skipping the sugar-free chocolates more often.  For some reason, I'm betting it's not the chocolates...

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