Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 56 & 57 Belly Fat Cure

Breakfast> peanut butter chocolate whey protein shake (s/c=3/1)
Lunch> leftover chicken alfredo (s/c= 3/1)
Snacks> spearmint tea, 2 mini Hershey's caramel filled chocolates, few almonds (s/c=1/1)
Supper> pork roast, 1/2c carrots, spicy low-carb pasta (s/c=4/2)
Total s/c for today - 11/5

While everyone else had baked potatoes with their supper, I could not afford the 4 servings of carbs that it would've counted as.  I wasn't even willing to eat half of a potato as I'd miss out on the carrots then.  Luckily I still had a little pasta from the alfredo from last night's supper.  Thought I'd spice it up a titch though.  I have no measures as it was just tossed into the pan quick-like.  What I did was this: Melted a pat of butter in small skillet.  Tossed a small gob of minced garlic, shake of Italian seasoning and a pinch of red pepper flakes into pan.  As soon as that smelled great (took seconds, really) I tossed in some leftover pasta and heated through.  Yes, as simple as that.

Breakfast> mocha whey protein shake (s/c=0/1)
Lunch> half ham sandwich w/lettuce, cheese, mustard and cottage cheese, pickles (s/c=3/1)
Snacks> sugarfree hot chocolate, 2 deviled egg halves (s/c=2/0)
Supper> chicken alfredo on Dreamfield's pasta w/few tomato dice, 1 Ezekial garlic toast (s/c=3/2)
Total s/c for today - 8/4

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