Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 63 Low-Carb (since not exactly Belly Fat Cure)

I know, I know.  The pic's a little late.  But there he is, folks.  Your grandson/cousin/nephew/friend... Surely this year will be his last for trick or treating... 

I realize that I'm not following the BFC to the letter.  I've been doing a couple no-no's, at least.  Most notably, using a few artificially sweetened items.  These have allowed me to continue to cut back on sugar and carbs by allowing me to still enjoy some of the sweet things I crave.  I also can afford a Splenda sweetened jar of jam more so than the Nature's Hollow jam I began this diet using.  (I mean, we're talking $3 compared to $14!) Also, if an artificially sweetened hot chocolate keeps me from snacking on cookies and a tall glass of milk, I figure it's a better option for me.

Ooh, that reminds me!  I discovered a bottle of creamer powder in the cupboard and was pleased to see that it has only 2g carbs (no sugar) in a teaspoon.  I added it to my hot chocolate and that made a huge difference - made it more like the creamier stuff I'm used to and took out that little bit of "off-ness" that I noticed.

Breakfast>1Ezekial toast w/peanut butter, spearmint tea (s/c=3/2)
Lunch> open faced tuna on wheat w/leaf of lettuce & few tomato dice, cottage cheese, pickles (s/c=2/1)
Supper> 2oz Dreamfields pasta, 1/4c sauce, 6 meatballs, small salad with shredded cabbage (s/c=5/2)
Snacks> few almonds, spearmint tea, pumpkin bar (s/c=1/1)

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