Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 64

Breakfast> scrambled eggs w/ham, Ezekial toast w/butter&jam, hot chocolate (s/c=2/2)
Lunch> chicken fillet, small salad, cottage cheese (s/c=1/1)
Supper> 1/2 turkey sandwich w/the works, few bites zucchini soup (s/c=1/1)
Snacks> few pumpkin seeds, 1 Ezekial toast w/pb (s/c=3/2)

The turkey sandwich was made like Jorge's Beef & Cheddar Sandwich from the book, page 171.  I forgot to take pics.  I'll make it again and will photo next time.  It was super...  As for the soup?  Not so much.  I came across this on a wonderful looking blog and discovered it was low enough in s/c for me.  But after a couple of bites, I flushed it down the toilet.  Note To Self - DID NOT LIKE.

Not sure if I lost another pound.  I can't recall if I weigh myself naked or not. 

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