Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 92 BFC

Yesterday's Marinated Mozzarella Pasta Salad

This was just Dreamfield's pasta, two roma tomatoes seeded & diced and marinated mozzarella balls.  I just used a drizzle of the marinade from the cheese as a little flavoring and a touch of salt.

Breakfast> 2 fried eggs w/chopped bacon & hot sauce, 1 Ezekial toast w/butter & jam, coffee (0/1)
Lunch> few pepperoni pizza rolls (2/1)
Snacks> few pistachios, hot chocolate (2/1)
Supper> diced turkey gravy, 1/4-1/3c stuffing, asparagus, cottage cheese, pickle (3/2)
Total s/c = 7/5

Ugh, I know.  Turkey w/gravy again.  I needed to clean out some leftovers from the fridge before allowing myself to do any new grocery shopping.  As unglamorous as that is, it is what it is.  Today I put together a nut crust in a pie plate and filled it with the limey cheesecake filling I made yesterday.  Can't tell you how it is yet as I then stuck it in the freezer for tomorrow.  I wanted to pick up some whipped topping before trying it.  So after dessert tomorrow night, I'll post if it's any good.

All right.  Now as far as those pizza rolls...  My son, D, had three friends overnight last night.  Keep in mind that they are all 14 years old and eat like you'd expect young teen boys to do.  (They also stay up until 4am playing video games as you can imagine, too.  Oh, yeah, and a spontaneous game of Nerf war.)  I had picked up a couple bottles of pop, some chips and a large bag of pepperoni pizza rolls for them.  So before bringing them back to their homes today, J (husband) popped the pizza rolls in the oven and we plated them up when they were done.  There were still another couple dozen left on the pan.  Without a moment's hesitation I tossed one in my mouth.  Then I tossed in a second.  Right as I swallow that one and am already raising the third to my lips I suddenly realize that I am back on diet today and probably should know how many carbs I just consumed.  I dug the package from the garbage and found that 6 rolls equaled a serving and has 2g sugar and 24g carbohydrates.  Not willing to give up a whole other carb serving, I ate 5 and called it lunch.  I'll officially blame it on lack of sleep.  Unofficially, I wonder if I more likely just kind of forgot myself after cheating yesterday?

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