Monday, January 30, 2012

Flatout Breakfast Pizza

Friday, Feb.3, 2012
Breakfast> Flatout breakfast pizza, strawberries, coffee (5/2)
Lunch> 6" Subway tuna flatbread, a sugar-free candy (3/2)
Supper> chicken alfredo Bellatoria pizza, few bites lettuce (3/2)
Total = 11/6 

I made the Flatout pizza by buttering the cookie sheet and placing the Flatout on it, put in oven at about 350 just until toasty.  Took out, spread on a very light layer of Old English cheese spread, sprinkled my scrambled eggs (2) evenly over, added a little diced ham, Italian seasonings and a little shredded mozzarella (so strong flavored, I think it was packaged with the wrong label and is actually a sharp cheddar...).  Popped it back in the oven for just a few minutes more so that the cheese would melt.  I added a little hot sauce for zip (and because it is fantastic with eggs).  My teen daughter, A, stole 1/4th of it and agreed it was pretty darn good.

Thursday, Feb.2, 2012
Cheat day.  Made some fantastic cookies that I will post the next time I make.  I was not in my right mind while loaded with sugar...

Wednesday, Feb.1, 2012
Breakfast> strawberry whey protein shake (5/1)
Lunch> chicken fillet, small salad, cottage cheese (1/1)
Snacks> pinch of cookie dough, 1/2 mocha whey shake, 1/5 of an apple w/pb (5/3...not counting cookie dough...)
Supper> 1/4c mashed potatoes, chicken in gravy, small salad, pickles (1/1)
Total = 12/6 (not counting cookie dough taste...)

Tuesday, Jan.31, 2012
Breakfast> scrambled eggs w/ham&cheese, blackberries (4/1)
Lunch> small taco salad, cottage cheese (1/1) 
Snacks> several sugar-free candies, SoBe, 1/2 pumpkin muffin w/pb (3/2)
Supper> pork chop, Dreamfield's pasta, 1/4c carrots (4/2)
Total s/c = 12/6

Tried a new muffin recipe, the pumpkin muffin above was made from.  They're not very good.  I thought it strange that it called for baking soda on top of the already adequate amount of baking powder, and that's what I can taste primarily.  Such a let-down.  I'll mess with it some and see what happens.


Monday, Jan.30, 2012
Breakfast> strawberry whey protein shake (5/1)
Lunch> 1/2c wild rice soup, chicken fillet, cottage cheese (3/2)
Snacks> 2 bite sized eggrolls, sugar-free marshmallow candy (1/1)
Supper> 2 baked/roasted deli chicken thighs, 9 potato chips (1/1)
Total s/c = 10/5

Wow.  I just realized that I didn't even know what day it was... for the past few.  Thought yesterday was the 30th, for Pete's sake.  Geesh.

Headache's gone.  Also the chest discomfort has abated.  I've noticed the same effects a couple times in the past when I've had coffee regularly for a time.  Guess it'll have to become a treat... Shucks.

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