Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Feb.19
Breakfast> sugar-free cappuccino, egg, cheese (0/1)
Lunch> Joseph's wrap w/chicken salad, Pringles (5/2)
Snacks> nuts, choc. whey protein shake (2/1)
Supper> almond crusted salmon, quinoa salad, cottage cheese, 1/2 apricot piece, Grape Zevia (7/2)
Total = 14/6

I'm not real sure of sugar counts when I make stuff, so if you notice a lot of 5/2 meals, I am merely rounding the sugars to the max just to be somewhat safe.  The Joseph's wraps are 7g carbs for a half sheet, no sugar, that I know for sure. But I did dice about a half dozen sweetened cranberries, rather, I minced them, and stirred them into the chicken salad because I like just a little something more in mine, such as grapes.  We got about 4 servings out of it, so I didn't think that added a whole lot of sugar to the meal.

Saturday, Feb.18
Breakfast> 1 Ezekial toast w/pb, coffee (3/2)
Lunch> Joseph's wrap w/chicken salad, Pringles (5/2)
Snacks> peanuts & 1 sugar free mini chocolate (0/1)
Supper> roasted turkey, few bites of dressing w/gravy, xylitol sweetened cranberries, roasted cauliflower (5/2)
Total = 13/7

Though, really, if I'd had the mint with lunch it wouldn't have counted as it would've fit under 2 servings yet.  Insert smiley with tongue sticking out here.

Today I added a blop of organic coconut oil to my coffee.  I was greatly encouraged by this information found here, though you can do a quick search and find out much more about its benefits.

Friday, Feb.17
Breakfast> scrambled eggs w/ham & cheese, toast w/butter, coffee (3/1)
Lunch> 2.5 McD's chicken strips, water (0/1)
Snacks> nuts, Grape Zevia, celery w/pb (4/2)
Supper> Hamburger Helper with lots o' hamburger and broccoli, 1 bread w/butter (4/2)
Total = 11/6

Thursday, Feb.16
Cheat day.  Went out to lunch with husband for our Valentine meal and had a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry 2 scoop sundae from Culvers, too.  Yum, yum.  Tell me again why the weight hasn't budged from my body for about 2mos.

Wed., Feb.15
Forgotten, stayed on plan.  That is, stayed on plan until evening when I made bars to have for Thursday.  Had to sample one and make sure they were worthy of sharing with coworkers.  Yep, they were, hence eating a second one.  I used the recipe here as a base, though made a few alterations because of what I had on hand and wanted to use up.  Changes I made were using 3 egg yolks rather than 1 as daughter, A, had made meringues and these were left behind, and I used 2 full bags of milk chocolate chips, as well as a good amount of slivered almonds in addition to the Heath toffee bits for the topping.  Oh, and I omitted the salt and used crunchy peanut butter.  Worthy of a cheat.

Tues., Feb.14
I forgot to record, though I stayed on plan.

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