Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another week down. Link to wonderful zucchini muffins!

Sunday, Sept.16
B> fried eggs w/diced garden tomato & cheese, leftover strawberries & nectarine bits, coffee w/h&h and stevia
L> 1 bunless hotdog, coffee w/h&h and stevia
S> Taco Toss
Snacks> hot tea, 1 mini sugar-free cheesecake w/low-sugar jam, 1 low-sugar almond coconut chocolate

Taco Toss is just using up the taco leftovers.  But rather than everyone using shells or chips, I made some Dreamfield's pasta and mixed that with the seasoned ground beef.  We then pile on the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, etc.  This was just as good, maybe even better, than last night's taco supper!  To the right is a link to The Belly Fat Cure...Purple Rosy Style blog and if you do a search for cream cheese muffins you will find the recipe that I started with and altered a little to my tastes.

Mon., Sept.17
B> 1 mini sf cheesecake w/low-sugar jam, 1 egg, chai
L> leftover Taco Toss, cottage cheese, couple strawberries
S> bbq chicken, sweet & sour cabbage, tomato w/mozzarella, basil, olive oil & vinegar
Snacks> chai, 1 mini sugar-free cheesecake w/low-sugar jam, 1 sf raspberry chocolate, part of SoBe

Tues., Sept.18
B> scrambled eggs w/bacon, chai, 1 Ezekial toast w/butter & low-sugar jam
L> 1 mini sf cheesecake, 1 peach slice, small bowl chicken wild rice soup w/cheese
S> Culver's beef roast, small mashed potatoes & gravy
Snacks> chai, last 2 low-sugar almond coconut chocolates , Zero water, few strawberries

Wed., Sept.19
B> eggs w/cheese, 2 strawberries, coffee w/h&h and stevia
L> taco salad w/about 2oz rice, cottage cheese, few bites pineapple
S> pork chops, sauerkraut, few tiny garden potatoes w/butter and s&p, two bites applesauce
Snacks> half a tiny apple w/pb, several mini low-carb chocolate chip cookies, chai, Zero water

Yeah, yeah.  I see it.  Too much snacking going on.  Too much fruit, too.  Oh, and a note regarding the chocolate chip cookies (recipe in previous post or two): Once in the fridge for about a week and poorly covered, they start to get crisp.  Ha ha ha.

Thurs., Sept.20
B> 2 mini sf cheesecakes w/several strawberries, coffee w/h&h and stevia
L> leftover Taco Toss, cottage cheese, pickles, 2 bites watermelon
S> turkey "noodle" soup, coconut "cornbread" biscuit w/butter
Snacks> hot tea, last 4 mini low-carb chocolate chip cookies, Zero water, 1/2 apple w/pb

The turkey "noodle" soup was made using a spaghetti squash from the garden.  I steamed it in the microwave, used a fork to drag out strands and added them to the soup.  Not the same as noodles, but didn't miss the noodles either.  I made a cornbread for everyone else and a coconut biscuit for myself.  I knew I'd really want the cornbread so I replaced a half Tbsp. of the coconut flour with corn meal.  It actually ended up tasting the same as when I make a regular coconut muffin.  What a waste of carbs...

Fri., Sept.21
B> eggs w/cheese, 1 Ezekiel toast w/butter & jam, coffee w/h&h and stevia
L> 1 chicken fillet, tiny crab apple off tree in garden
S> 2 salmon patties, 1/4c hashbrowns, 1/2c beet salad, sliced cheese
Snacks> 2 zucchini banana muffins, 1 cheesecake w/jam, sf mocha shake

Oh my.  But those muffins are delicious.  I had a very brown banana to use up so I squished it into the batter.  The muffins aren't nearly as low-carb as the original recipe, I suppose.  But I did get three more servings than what the original poster did when she'd made them.  So that's good, right?!?  I'll find and link to the recipe... HERE, at Your Lighter Side it is, though I altered it by adding the banana, pecans instead of walnuts, some dark chocolate chips and used xylitol instead of splenda and stevia in place of the xylitol.  Perfect moist texture when you consider it's made with coconut flour.  Not sure if the original would have the same texture or if the banana made that much difference.  The beet salad recipe came from Everyday Paleo.  I altered it by omitting the parsley (actually, I forgot it) and using much less cumin, probably about 1/4-1/2tsp.  We liked it well enough but agreed we like beets better with just butter and s&p.

Sat., Sept.22 
B> eggs w/bacon & hot pepper sauce, coffee w/h&h and stevia
L> 1 chicken fillet, 1 zucchini banana muffin, 1/2 apple w/pb
S> 1/2c roasted baby potatoes/broccoli/red pepper/garlic mix, pork loin slices, 1/2c beets, tomato/mozzarella/basil
Snacks> buttered popcorn, chai

Put the last few cheesecakes in the freezer so I wouldn't keep eating them.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Off to do the same with the zucchini banana muffins.

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