Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not been eating so well...

Sunday, Sept.9
B> scrambled eggs w/canadian bacon & cheese, sf hot chocolate, 1 Ezekial toast w/butter & jam  2/2
L> Subway 6" tuna flatbread  3/2
S> 1/2c baby potatoes/red pepper/garlic cloves, beef roast, lettuce salad  3/2
Snacks> 2 low-sugar almond coconut chocolate, SoBe diluted with water
Don't know the count at all for the chocolate.  I've had a bag of leftover almond bark that I'd made months ago in which I used a very, think it was 90-95%, dark chocolate bar and raw almonds.  It was horribly bitter and I'd bagged it up intending to use it up somehow.  Yesterday was the day.  In a double boiler I placed the leftover almond bark, a chunk of a sugar-free chocolate bar, some sugar-free chocolate chips and a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips.  While that melt I lay out a dozen silicone cups on a pan and put a few raw almonds in each, as well as a sprinkling of unsweetened coconut.  Poured on the melted chocolate and popped them in the fridge.  Undoubtedly, I went over my carb servings today because of them. Aren't they cute?  So good.  Since I ate two.  Must.  Do.  Better.  Tomorrow.  I believe the biggest part of my problem today was that I'd intended to cheat by stopping at Starbucks when visiting A while she's at college.  I hadn't planned on having Subway (which A and D both wanted for lunch) and was absolutely stuffed when I brought A to Starbucks afterwards.  Thought I wouldn't enjoy the cheat as much since I was so full.  So I skipped it.  But that craving for a treat kept lurking in my subconscious...

Mon., Sept.10
B> fried egg, coffee w/cream  2/1
L> 6" Subway tuna flatbread 3/2
S> 1 slice pepperoni pizza, few bites of salad, ear of sweet corn 6/3
Snacks> 1 string cheese, hot tea, 1 low-sugar almond coconut chocolate

Again, don't know the s/c value.  I did not eat half of the pizza crust, though I laid on a great gob of mozzarella... yum, yum.  My father brought in some sweet corn from the garden, it being the first of it that we've had.  We've only got a small garden so this is likely all that I will have of it.  Sure tasted wonderful.  So much better than store bought.

Tues., Sept.11
B> 1 Ezekiel toast w/pb, protein shake  3/2
L> several fries, chili w/cheese & sour cream, several chunks of melon 6/2
S> beef roast in mushroom gravy, 1/4c rice, broccoli, tomato slice w/mozzarella  3/1
Snacks> 1 low-sugar almond coconut chocolate, tiny apple w/pb

Dad went for his 4th chemo treatment today, day 1 of 2. 

Wed., Sept.12
B> two fried eggs w/tomato & cheese, coffee w/creamer
L> salad with turkey & cheese, cottage cheese, few diced peach bits, pickles
S> 1/4c rice w/gravy, steak, 1/2 red pepper, tomato slice w/cheese
Snacks> hot tea, 2 low-sugar almond coconut chocolate, 2 tiny low-carb chocolate chip cookies, two bites of a regular sugar cookie from coworker's daughter's wedding

Today was the 2nd insertion of Dad's treatment.  Mom was "out of it" again this morning, according to Dad.  I think she is taking too much insulin, or rather, not eating soon enough in the morning or not eating at all for lunch.

Thurs., Sept.13
B> coconut flour biscuit, coffee w/creamer
L> chicken fillet, 1/4c cheese/broccoli rice, cottage cheese, few dice tomato
S> 1/2c rice mixed with red pepper & broccoli chunks, chicken fillets, cottage cheese
Snacks> 3 little low-carb chocolate chip cookies, 1 small regular pumpkin bar

For the past two days the pumpkin bars with cream cheese have been staring me in the face at work.  I couldn't stand it anymore and ate a small one this morning.  You know what?  The sugarless ones I have posted on my blog taste so much better.  I'm going to have to make another batch soon.  I also have lost the ambition, not to mention the time, to count every sugar and carb gram.  Tomorrow I am not going to worry about it at all.  It's the designated cheat day.  I've been putting it off and eating too many lower-carb goodies in its place, as well as a couple of snuck-in-real-sugar goodies.  

Dad looks tired.  (Sorry, Dad.  But you do.)  He mentioned feeling sick today.  But he was out in the sun all day again and he thought that that may have been what caused the nausea.

Fri., Sept.14
Cheater, cheater, cheater-pants!

Sat., Sept.15
B> eggs w/cheese, 1 Ezekiel toast w/butter & jam, coffee w/h&h and stevia
L> leftover deli chicken
S> taco salad, few strawberries & nectarine slices
Snacks> coffee w/h&h and stevia, buttered popcorn

I can already feel it this morning.  Relief that I am starting anew.  Breakfast tasted so good.
Dad still looks very "pooped-out" and we noticed he had little energy at the dinner table.  He's still outside finding things to do, keeping himself occupied.  But I think the chemo's catching up with him now.

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