Saturday, October 20, 2012

Don't throw away that cruddy towel!

I've been slowly switching out all my bath towels and wash cloths with plain white ones.  Coming across a couple of codes online for Kohl's, I couldn't pass up the chance to pick up a couple of new towels again.  So I ordered 4.  Then I pulled out a couple of the old ones I want to replace.  Normally I would just cut these in half and add to our throw-away-rags bag or add to the stack in the laundry room cupboard for emergencies.  (Such as the wash machine overflowing, such as it did this past winter.)  This time though I recalled that N (sister-in-law) had shown me how she'd recycled a couple of her towels some years ago.  I also thought about how my lovely daughter threw away a couple of my dish rags because they smelled bad this past summer.  I also recalled N has a serger, and that would be so much quicker and easier to use.  Just so happened that she had it set up since she's been working on my niece's Halloween costume.  This morning I cut two of the older towels, one into fourths and the other into a dozen squares.  (The leftover scraps went into the throw-away-rags bag.)  Then I drove into town and visited N and her serger.

Just how bad my old towels were looking.

 Some of my "new" rags.  While they're not pretty, they're effective and, best of all, free(Though I did pay N by trading a couple squash in exchange for the use of her thread.)

Just wanted to post a few pics of "the boys".  Each picture was taken on different days.  I just think it's kind of neat how they mirror one another so often.  They were a litter of 3 (they had a sister at the shelter that was taken to another home) and I sometimes wonder if their sister would be a third copy if she were here, too.


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  1. Thats a great idea for the towels. Mine are looking just as shabby as yours, AND I'm in need of some new dish cloths.

    Maybe I'll get some towels for xmas and can do this with my old towels!

    Cute kitty picks. Mine are litter brothers, out of a 3 litter with the other being a girl too! They don't look a thing a like, but they do that mirror thing as well!