Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creamy Taco Soup

Looking for something a little different that uses up leftover taco meat?  I adapted Cheri's Creamy Southwestern Taco Soup to use up what I had in the freezer from our last taco night. (Clicking on the recipe name mentioned previously will bring you to Linda's Low Carb Menu & Recipes where I got it from.) The following is how I made it work for our supper tonight:

Creamy Taco Soup
approx. 1 lb leftover taco seasoned ground beef
1Tbsp minced garlic, heaping
1 - 8oz pkg. cream cheese, cubed
1 - 14.5oz can diced tomatoes with chilis, including liquid
3c hot water
3 beef bouillon cubes
1/4-1/2c frozen corn kernals

Combine water and bouillon and set aside to let bouillon soften or dissolve.
In pot, reheat taco meat.  Add cream cheese and stir until melted into ground beef.  Add tomatoes and corn and beef broth/bouillon water.  Simmer gently over low heat until all's well combined and heated through.  

We got 4 servings, with about as much still leftover for a lunch some time in the next couple of days.  I served with a sliced avocado, some tortilla chips and a dish of blackberries.  Make changes as necessary to fit within your desired carb limits, such as skipping the corn/tortilla chips.  You could also switch in canned broth, or even use ground turkey and turkey broth leftover from the holidays.

11/25 - Did a 2mile walk with a Leslie Sansone video.  Felt great.
11/26-11/28  Taking a break, felt sore in ribs from yesterday... I'm so lame.  The other couple of days?  Between work and the dentist... there was me just being lazy, I guess.
11/29 - Did a 3mile walk with a Leslie Sansone video.  By the time I finished I had warmed up and could turn the heat down.  So I got to be a little frugal, too, ha ha.  Some of the upper body work caused a little soreness in my chest.  I continued to do the moves but on a smaller/lower level.  This somehow made me feel a sense of relief as it further proves to me the chest discomfort I've been having is very likely muscle pain.


  1. Yum! I think I'll try that soup with some shredded chicken :)

  2. Great job on the walking. That soup looks and sounds good but I would leave out the corn. I don't eat corn anymore on the BFC. I hope you have a great day - its raining over here :-)