Saturday, November 24, 2012

Low-Carb Pancakes

I've made a low-carb pancake in the past that uses protein powder (I had Jay Robb vanilla) and was somewhat unhappy with the result.  Much too sweet, primarily.  I've come across many others and had been pretty turned off to them since that failure.  The other day I thought I'd give it a go again.  After all, I still had a packet of Cashew Butter from Artisana that I wanted to experiment with.  I mixed all my ingredients before going to bed and refrigerated it overnight.  Of course, my memory is crap, so I forgot to make it the next morning.  But the next morning I remembered and fried 2 lovely pancakes in a bit of coconut oil.  Tender and light...  Not too sweet at all.  I was a bit naughty and used some sf syrup that was sweetened with Splenda.  But I'm not big on drowning my pancakes in syrup so it wasn't much.  The butter on the other hand?  Yeah.  Great big gobs of that.  If you like a little more sweet, maybe add a splash of vanilla to the batter.

Low-Carb Pancakes
(made 2 average/large sized cakes)
1 - 1.19oz pkg. Artisana Raw Cashew Butter
1 egg
1/4c coconut milk
2tsp coconut flour
1/4tsp baking powder

Mix all.  Fry.
I don't know if the outcome was affected by letting the batter sit more than a night in the fridge.  But it sure didn't hurt it any.

11/20 - I beat 30 loops through our elementary school last night.  On loop 28 I had to slow down as I felt a little "zing" in my chest.  No other symptoms.  I believe I'd been told that 8 loops were equal to about a mile.  So I got in over 3 miles while D was at judo class.

11/21 - We went to an indoor waterpark and played for a couple of hours.  And, yes, I did do more than just float in the lazy river.   Shot down the tube slide a couple times with each - D, then J, then my sister and was only thrown out of the tube one of those times.  It was fun.  I felt good and pooped after trekking up the stairs to the top of the slide and lots of screaming as we rode it down.

11/22 - Had way too much goodies.  But this was planned, so I don't feel terribly guilty.  Just a little on the disgusting side from too much sugar...  Days like this make me look forward to going back to eating right the next morning.

11/23-11/24  Back on track and feeling fine.  I'd like to workout but the kids have had company and I'm not working out in front of them.  Made cranberry relish with stevia & erythritol, turkey, low-carb dressing and a reduced-carb mashed "potatoes" for supper last night.  (Yes.  It was a day late.)  It was only reduced-carb because I added two small red potatoes to make it more palatable to everyone, myself included.  I've tried just mashed cauliflower and was not a fan.  But I'll work at it.

Christmas Gift Idea
Here's what I put together for teen nephew and niece:  I bought the little initialed sock for $4, earphones were on sale for $5, pack of gum & some Hershey Kisses are in the toe of the sock, and the envelope underneath has a $10 Amazon mp3 giftcard in it. The one pictured is for my nephew.  My niece's is exactly the same but in a purple sock with purple headphones and a purple pack of gum.  I try to keep my spending under $20 each for extended family and went over by just a buck or so.  Christmas packaging to the right of the sock was dirt cheap after the holidays last year or the year before.


  1. I never thought of putting the nut butter in the pancakes - will have to try.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Everyone's doing pancakes :) I'll have to make some too. Good job Becky!