Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Have you heard of this edible deodorant?

On Good Morning America a little while back the hosts introduced Deo Perfume Candy.  There's a sugar sweetened version and a sugar-free one that's sweetened with isomalt which contains 14g sugar alcohols per serving.  Now here's where I was a little disappointed.  A serving equals 4 pieces, which I did not know until I received the product.  I paid $8 for this bag that has a total of 16 pieces, which is only 4 servings.  That's some expensive deodorant!

Tightwad that I am, I tried only 2 pieces the first morning.  (I also didn't want any adverse affects while I was at work, if you know what I mean...)  There is a very light tangerine flavor and I noticed, sort of as an aftertaste, a slight rose flavor.  But did I notice that I smelled like a rose?  No.  Nor did anyone else say that I did.

A couple of days later I went ahead and had 4 over the course of a couple of hours.  This time I noticed a very slight fragrance on my skin.  But, again, my husband said that I did not, in fact, smell like roses.  In the end... What a stinking waste of $8.

12/24 - Dad had a scan of his body done again a week or so back to see if chemo has been working.  His glands have shrunk, so, yes, it has done what it's supposed to.  However, that means that he will be setting up another set of chemo treatments to continue.  Which I understand is the routine.  But I am expecting he will get sick from it this time around.  Last time he only felt nauseous a couple of times and was tired.  I forwarded him a video clip that Vanessa at Healthy Living How To had posted regarding a ketogenic diet and its use with cancer sufferers.  I've told him that he eats way too much sugar and starch for quite some time now.  I'm hoping that the video may motivate him to cut back at the very least.

1/1/2013 - Happy New Year!
Below is a pic of the ugly ornament I am forwarding to some lucky recipient (unfortunately for you, Lori...) as part of 1) a fun thing to do, and 2) cleaning out unwanted clutter.  I attached the printed note to the package, which includes N's name and my own, as we were the previous tour stops.

Wish I could say that I made it through the holidays without loading up on crap (i.e. sugar).  However it has been a full-out-head-on-sugar-saturationfest for the past week and a half.  I enjoyed peppermint mochas... several times.  Cookies & milk.  Candy.  Raspberry Cheer once.  A ciabatta roll at a local shop.  Beer battered fish and fries.  Son's birthday cake and ice cream.  Mocha Mudslide Ice Cream Pie.  The list goes on.  Was it worth the five pounds I gained back?  Well, for me, maybe.  I've been at a stand still for over a year now.  Might this be the "reset" that I need to get my fat-burning motor running again?  I'm back on track this morning with my 2 fried eggs, buttered Ezekiel and stevia sweetened coffee. 

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  1. well that deodorant is crazy! Great job getting back on track after the holidays - that is the hardest part.